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Mentorship Programme

Be in Your Power • Nicola Parish

You’re not alone on this journey

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Join this co-creative intimate circle of women to journey to feel empowered in themselves so that you can create and live a life of freedom and joy.  Where you are on your journey is where you are supposed to be, the universe, your higher-self, God, Intuition, source energy has brought you here to lean in for support as we navigate these times. 

Who is it for?

  • healers
  • change-makers
  • light-workers
  • shadow-workers
  • light-warriors
  • shamans
  • earth-lovers

I want to acknowledge all of the work you have already done to get to this point, shedding the layers, releasing the old patterns, as you step up even further taking radical responsibility for your healing journey.

Why a group mentorship?

Why now?

With the unprecedented times we all find ourselves in, the time when the world came home, it is clear to me that our work and responsibility in our self-healing journey is an essential part in ushering in the new world.

Usher in the new world • Nicola Parish

Another word for energy is POWER, and your energy/power is yours to look after to hold more love, more compassion and more kindness for yourself. As you do this, the ripple effect reaches far and wide your family, your loved ones, your community and the world in which we all live. More change-makers to show up with heart-led work and direction.

The misuse of Power has turned us away from the vibration and energy of what POWER means. Therefore the meaning of the word has become distorted, and it is time to set a new intention Power with not Power over bringing more equilibrium to our world.

There is no time for healers to be separate from their self-belief, self-assurance. Life-force energy is within us all, and by connecting to our creativity and intuition, we bring more health, wealth, and happiness to our world and those we are here to serve by living our joy.

It is time for us to stop looking for the magic outside of ourselves and know that we are more magnificent than we have ever led to believe.

Where & when?

Bi-weekly, online zoom calls.

You will need a computer, laptop or phone. Headphones optional, a journal and a pen and a willingness to share more of you and actively listen to others.

Online Mentoring • Nicola Parish


Heal those technical fears as we embrace the divine masculine energy healing the wounded masculine within ourselves. Record and produce a guided activation to use as a gift on your website or share in your group.

Lean into the divine feminine energy, no pushing, no to people-pleasing, let go of the good-girl, let go of pretending and be fully present with all of you as you are.

Share more of yourself on chosen social media platforms in alignment with your guided action to reach your soul tribe who you are here to serve.

And as we know, there will be much more than the mind can comprehend, we embody the new healing frequencies aligned for the planet and humanity at this time.

It is my joy and honour to serve you. 

Apply for a healing call to connect and see the next best aligned action for you to take.

Please remember
Reach out to a qualified therapist in your area if you feel like you need more support in processing any of the emotions that may come to the surface during this mentorship. It may be this is a complementary work to science and other healing modalities.