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Shine with confidence

Healers, light-workers, light-warriors, change-makers, shamans and earth-lovers.

I have created and lovingly grown a closed group on Facebook for people like yourself.

Together we can practice being visible online, and in our communities and at the same time, we can dig deep into the parts of us that we are still hiding away with lots of love and compassion so we can feel and be more like ourselves.

Shine with Confidence as a Healer

Shine with Confidence as a Healer • Nicola Parish

I believe the power you feel connected to as a healer directly relates to the amount of love you can hold for yourself.

We cannot give to others what we haven’t given to ourselves first.

Trusting ourselves and our intuition helps us navigate ourselves out of the chaos to a happier, healthier, more abundant life.

There has never been a more crucial time than now to come together in community, the world as we knew it has changed, is changing.

Your gifts, your magnificent magical super-powers are being called upon to help humanity navigate a new way forward.

If you feel it too, I invite you to join us.
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Be in your power as a healer

Although today, I am someone who can ‘be’ in their power as a healer, it hasn’t always been this way. A deep journey of self-discovery to awaken and remember all the parts of me that did not know they were loved has helped me let go of self-doubt, self-criticism and comparison to truly share my authentic self once more and ‘be’ who I am here to be in this lifetime.

Join our Tribe • Nicola Parish

That is my greatest wish for you too, for you to step into your power, wherever you are on your journey. The new healer feeling alone on this newfound awakening, the healer believing in herself as she sees the benefits reaching far and wide and wants to share her gifts with more people and the healer who knows her power but is afraid to share more of her story. All is welcome wherever you are on your healing journey right now we know there is always another level, another part of us waiting to be seen, heard and held.

It is here in our global community that you can practice being your authentic, vulnerable self with no judgement as you share your hopes, dreams and desires and serve your clients and communities on the next level available to you in alignment of who you truly are.

When we permit ourselves to shine as a healer, we give permission for others to do the same.

We come together to take part in healing walks from around the globe; there is an invitation after to share your experience and guidance in a video or photos, as you share your jewels of wisdom with us.

We will be holding free training around how we can shine with confidence as not only healers but as women too and have challenges and meditations for all to join.

Join us now
Join our Tribe • Nicola Parish

I will be there to warmly welcome you.