Connect to your Power

FREE GUIDED Healing Activation

A gift from my heart to yours to remember you have all the power you need inside of you.

Shine a light on your jewels in this powerful healing activation to amplify your natural healing abilities.

Crown Chakra • Nicola Parish

Shine with Confidence

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I see you sister

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Be your authentic self

If you're ready to go deeper, meet your Power and share more of her, I invite you to a discovery call.

In this deep healing conversation, we dive into your wisdom, we explore where you have been, where you are now, and what it is you are longing to call in for the future. We connect to all the parts of you, as you rest, remember and restore.

If you are longing to feel more confident in yourself as a healer, then this is for you.

Wherever you are on your journey, we can explore together the next best-aligned action for you to take.

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Diamond Heart Healing
Activation Workshop

The Diamond Heart Healing Activation intention is for you as a healer, light-worker, light warrior, change-maker, earth-lover and Shaman to “Shine with Confidence as a Healer of our time.”

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Be in Your Power
Mentorship programme

Join this co-creative circle of women to journey to remember all the parts of themselves and connect with their power and wisdom that lies within. Find your jewels to share with your family, clients and community.

Spend time “Being in your Power” and shine with confidence as a healer.

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Shine with confidence

I have created and lovingly grown a closed group on Facebook

Shine with Confidence as a Healer

Together we can practice being visible online, and in our communities and at the same time, we can dig deep into the parts of us that we are still hiding away with lots of love and compassion so we can feel and be more like ourselves.

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